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A little about me

After years of working at various newspapers, and teaching English in Taiwan, I decided to devote myself full-time to my passion which is writing.

 I still live in Taiwan and I still teach part-time as well as tutoring, but most of my time is now devoted to writing novels as well as a few English as a foreign language guides for students who want to learn English.

For these reasons, most of my novels are fairly short as well as concise in nature. I believe that people are busier these days than before and also quite a few prefer to read on electronic devices; therefore, I think concise and abridged novels are the best way to meet this demand. For readers who prefer the touch and feel of paper, there is always the option to print the file. (If a reader has trouble doing this they are more than welcome to email me and I will provide a PDF copy once they verify the purchase of the ebook.) 

I also think that in order to cultivate a more active imagination writers should not include too much detail. This allows the reader to actively use his or her imagination to fill in the gaps.

My novels cover many different genres and should have something that appeals to the average reader.


Right on schedule


"Call to Adventure"

"Chau's Heart"

The next couple of books are right on schedule to be released soon. When they are officially released they will be available through major distribution channels such as Kobo, iBooks, etc. as well as some regional ebook providers. 

Unchained and Chau's Heart touch on themes of violence which are inherent to the genre. If murder, rape, and the like bother you then they are probably not your cup of tea. But don't worry, it's all fiction and I have more upcoming books such as Kaylan's Call to Adventure which are suitable for all ages.

Available January 2020

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