• Chau's Heart

    A demon uses a medallion to possess siblings and go on a rampage through the small town of Eden. Who can stop him -- an old man who once freed himself from the very same demon, the boys' mother, or someone else? This novella is the beginning of a horrifying tale.

  • Kaylan's Call to Adventure

    Twelve-year-old Kaylan sets out on an unplanned adventure to a land very different from his own, drawn forth by accident and magic he has to face many challenges. Will he survive and get back to his family or will something in this mysterious place prevent him? It all starts with this novella.

  • Unchained

    Russell Clayton beaten down former shell of a man battles his obsession with alcohol, his captain's desire to railroad an innocent man, and his twin sons rejection to stop a psycho killer on the loose in Norman Oklahoma.

Coming Soon

Arthur's first week of school has turned into a nightmare as the Witch's Council intervenes with his plans for a normal life.

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